I may have missed a bit of this thread, so if it's been suggested 
forgive me... when you saved your layered tif file from Photoshop, the 
one with the transparent background layer, did you check "Save 
Transparency" in the dialog box?


On 12/6/13 11:25 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> Hi Deb:
> I already have the file as grayscale pixels on a layer with no 
> background color, just the checkerboard pattern. I get that by a 
> slightly different method, by selecting pixels through Channels. (a 
> simple method that Ikumi taught me!)
> When Placed in INDD, both the EPS file and TIFF file, they have white 
> opaque backgrounds (although they didn't have any on the layered 
> original file.) I apply a Transparency mode "Multiply" to them and I 
> can now see a grayscale image over the background color. But I can't 
> use that color sketch.
> I created a TIFF file with colorized image CMYK (call it 
> "pink")(created with the method above) with NO background. It, of 
> course, can't be "Multiplied" in INDD without the background color 
> being lighter than the pink, or the sketch doesn't show up against the 
> burgundy background.
> BUT. When I take the same TIFF file and place it in Illustrator = 
> instant PERFECTION. I get a pink sketch on a dark burgundy background, 
> easy peasy. I do this in AI all the time.
> I am getting gray hairs enough for today..... I will have another 
> espresso, maybe dark chocolate, and abjectly beg that the designer 
> switch this panel to AIllustrator.
> I may never figure this out with INDD.  I've really tried to do all 
> the suggestions you've made, but I just don't get the results.  And 
> I'm still trying to do it step by step as several suggested, I want to 
> know more ways than the few I know, to place transparent background 
> files.
> Super thanks to O.C., Britt, Deb and Natalya!
> Linda
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