If you are removing white backgrounds from black line art by using the magic want selection tool, 
that is very likely to "eat" your fine detail.  I have been using a PSD Action that I acquired on 
the web some years ago that removes the white component of an image leaving the color on a 
transparent layer. Of course this assumes you can make your paper pure white in the scan of the art...

Do a Google search on "PSD Action Transparency White" to find some links for this.


On 12/6/13 11:57 AM, Natalya Zahn wrote:
> Linda, not to sidetrack or consume too much more of your time, but could you explain the method
> Ikumi showed you that you mention here:
>> I already have the file as grayscale pixels on a layer with no background color, just the
>> checkerboard pattern. I get that by a slightly different method, by selecting pixels through
>> Channels. (a simple method that Ikumi taught me!)
> A lot of the linework I'm currently creating is quite fine, and between inverting it to white, and
> removing the background, some of the detail can get lost. I wonder if this alternate "channel"
> method preserves more of the artwork?
> Please answer this at your leisure! :)
> Thx,
> -Natalya

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