I live in the Bay Area too, (San jose) and I have recently been making logos and identity for a series if small dance, martial arts and other performing arts schools, all shoestring operations, often non-profits. Here is how I handle this type of thing.

I charge $35 an hour for non-profits ( I can deduct from my taxes), and $50 an hour for for-profit schools.

I frequently have a problem with this kind if client saying "you are the artist, you can have free rein to make the design" only to a quagmire of revisions and argument between school administrators over my designs. 

Therefore I am very careful to charge hourly and not by the job, or, if they want the job quoted entirely, I put a limit on revision- at design stage, they get three, and one at finishing stage, then I charge hourly for revisions.   

I also ask for 60% payment at final design approval. I have had one client walk away with my final design sketch and seen it on a jacket, ineptly rendered, three months later- he had given the job to his wife to finish.

Additionally, I take a design sketch and make several photoshop mockups of coffee cups, letterhead, jackets, and bumper stickers- this really excites a client, and takes about an hour- usually ensuring they will go for the design I favor! And ultimately saving me time and frustration.  It's hard for non-visual people to imagine the logo or design across applications.

Best of luck, by the way, i took a look at your linked work, your mushrooms are beautiful! 



On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, Julie Himes wrote:
Hi All,

I am new to science illustration, so I'm just learning all of the ins and outs of how to sell artwork and take commissions. I have been asked by a club (150 members or so) to illustrate some mushrooms for their T-shirts, bags, mugs, and probably for their website. The illustration would likely take me about 14 hours to make. They would like to have rights to the image (I would not get a percentage of each shirt sale). What is a reasonable amount to ask for? While I would be selling my time, materials, and the rights to my illustration, I also know that they are a non-profit club. 

Thanks for your help!

- Julie Himes

Julie Himes Science Illustration
Monterey, CA
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