About ready to throw the computer down the driveway!

Iv'e tried to make a SIMPLE style.css file using Mac TextEdit, that apparently doesn't work, and downloaded TextWrangler, apparently that doesn't work either.
Neither actually tell you you are making a .css file. Apparently it is implied that you just name the document "styles.css" and tell it to ignore the ending. But the file that is created LOOKS like a css (Dreamweaver logo icon) But sure as heck doesn't work making a child page in Word PRess.

I've spent hours with tutorials and am entirely stuck, not being able to make a child theme. It should not be that hard. And it sure works on the youtube tutorials. I've watched three. 

 Blast, I'm just livid. And of course, it might be just fine and not the real reason the stylesheet is broken with the theme. .....

The tech support absolutely STINKS.
If any surefire ways of knowing you have a css file created, that would eliminate ONE issue. 

Many thanks in advance.
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