Linda is it possible uou have different pixel ratios of the one image that is different than the others?

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Yeah, without looking at all of them, it's hard. There could be a slight difference in the manual settings. It happened to be the first one I did in this series. I could have been more timid in the pressure and stroke. Or, I could have manually set the brush size slightly different, but I was really trying not to. 

I soon created Brush Presets just to establish a quicker method of going back to that brush with one click. Instead of scrolling down the point size on the default. That got tedious fast.

Color space difference. I went back and checked all of them, one I did have as RGB when it should have been CMYK, but it didn't hold through as the culprit. 

I've drawn digital ink drawings before (different Wacom tablet), but this one was the first of the larger drawings and more sensitive tablets. If I can't rule out a technical issue I'm overlooking, it must have been me. 

Many thanks, Britt.
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On Nov 21, 2013, at 10:24 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

I would need to inspect all your files to be able to tell what is going on. could there be a color space difference?  If you drew one of them with different pen settings, maybe the screen and the press are reacting differently to the small differences?


On 11/21/13 10:51 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
Hi All:

I cannot figure out what is going on. I created 4 drawings in PHotoshop CS5, ranging from 16x16" to
24x18", to be placed in an AI document.

I get the proofs back, and they look good, but I notice that one of the four drawings appears to
have line weight much finer than the rest. It's subtle, but perplexing, for I'd much prefer they
look like they were drawn with the same pen size. I really tried to keep all four drawings consistent.
The single drawing was not reduced when placed in AI.
I work at 100% in PS and create the final AI file at 100% (don't gag, it's just the way I prefer to

I am using a Wacom IntuosPro Touch. The pressure sensitive settings are always the same. The pen
tool is the same, and from my experiments this morning, the point size is the same.

The thing I notice, is that using CS5, is that the Wacom preferences do not remain in the position
that I put them. Each time I turn off the machine, they go back, not to default, but to a setting I
use most often. Which is two spots to the right of "soft" (one spot left of the default middle). I'm
ok with that. The tech said there was some strangeness with CS5. I've gotten used to this setting.
fine. I don't think that is the problem.

But why would a drawing at 100% appear to be much finer? Any thoughts?

Now I've got 8 more to do, and would like to solve this now.
Very Best,

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