Fixed it! 
I did use the Unix selection. But I suspect it was the incredibly stooopid typo. Eggnog on my face.
(I wish)

Thanks to everyone who helps on this listserv, who takes time out of their holiday revelry to help the web-challenged. 
And thank you, Britt.

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On Dec 22, 2013, at 7:01 PM, Britt Griswold wrote:

> Linda,
> A CSS file is nothing but a text file with a ".css" file name ending.  It might be possible the formatting of the file )Mac vs. Unix line endings) could be causing a problem. This should not be a problem using TextWrangler, you can pic Unix when you save the file.
> It seems more likely the issues are with either the URL link in your HTML file or some sort of chatting issues in your browser or your web server.
> Of course it is also possible you are not properly creating the CSS content , but if you have been watching tutorials, that seems less likely.
> Britt

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