UV is the chief culprit. If you can use LEDs they give off relatively little UV whereas fluorescent tubes give off a lot. 

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Is it UV that degrades the color? If they are under glass maybe the protective glass used to protect art prints might also help?
Just and idea, maybe tried already.


> Lower light levels may slow fading, but it will happen with brown's 
> and green's fading first.  Reds/oranges and yellows appear more stable 
> and less subject to fading, as are the blacks.  It also seems that 
> moths fade quicker than butterflies.
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> Hi all,
> I've recently been asked about light levels for butterfly specimens being
> put on display in a public museum space.   I've been asked if there is an
> 'appropriate' light level that will not rapidly fade the specimen.  
> Has anyone in the museum display arena done a study or published 
> recommendations for light levels that are appropriate.  My first 
> instinct was to have lights that only come on when a viewer is in 
> front of the exhibit or pushes a button.... so that the light was only 
> intermittent -- but the exhibit director is not sure they can do that 
> and so has asked if there is a lumen level that might be acceptable.
> I quickly searched the ECN archives, but didn't find anything -- but 
> if this thread was already addressed can you post a link?
> thanks,
> Chris
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