Dear AFEE Colleagues,

I would like to call your attention to a full-time, continuous hire (equivalent to tenure track), job opening in economics at Portland Community College.  Please click on the following link to see the advertisement in its entirety,


Here is some additional information that I believe is pertinent to those who emphasize economic pluralism in their work, such as is the case with AFEE members.     


The economics department at PCC values economic history, history of economic thought, and political economy. 


In terms of courses offered, the following list comprises the courses currently on the books at PCC.  While for the majority of the time the candidate that is hired for this position will be responsible for teaching EC 200, EC 201, and EC 202, there are opportunities to teach EC 203, EC 216, EC 230, and EC 285.  I can speak from experience having had the opportunity to teach EC 285 on more than one occasion.  Importantly, EC 203, EC 216, EC 230, and EC 285 are excellent outlets for those with pluralistic interests in economics.  Also, there is ample opportunity to create new courses as based on the candidate’s interest and background.



EC 200. Introduction to Economics: Institutions and Philosophy. 4 Credits.

EC 201. Principles of Economics: Microeconomics. 4 Credits.

EC 202. Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics. 4 Credits.

EC 203. Principles of Economics: Applications to Economic Issues. 4 Credits.

EC 216. Labor Markets: Economics of Gender, Race, and Work. 4 Credits.

EC 230. Contemporary World Economic Issues: International Economics. 3 Credits.

EC 285. Introduction to Political Economy. 4 Credits.


Additionally, although the teaching responsibilities call for teaching four classes a quarter, for any given quarter two preps are the typical norm.


Best Regards,


Justin A. Elardo, PhD

Portland Community College