Gerald, I'm with Tatjana on this one. ASK THEM.

There are two usual approaches to anything. Either someone is able to  
make something pretty (swan) and then researches (mallet) to make it  
in a period way.  Or they start from research (mallet) and perhaps  
(though not necessarily) work towards pretty (swan).

Someone who isn't entering competitions and teaching classes is  
probably not going to be considered for elevation anyway.

Ask for a copy (electronic, if possible) of their write-up of their  
competition entry, and ditto for class notes.   This is the most  
encouraging feedback an entrant or teacher can get.  Someone CARES!!  
It's even better if you give them feedback on what you have requested.

Nest ffynon


How on Gods green earth can we be expected to know there approach and  
thinking process that was going on in there head that lead to the   
final products they make?

Gerald Goodwine.


By talking to them.  At Queen's Prize, at Kingdom A&S, at other  
events. Talk to their friends.  Express an interest in anyone's  
craft, and they will most likely be happy to tell you how they made  
it, and the thought process they used to tackle the problems they faced.

As you say, it is extremely rare for all the people at a given  
meeting to know every candidate.  But for the candidates you do know,  
it takes only a little more effort to find these things out.

In my opinion, anyway.