But you have taught classes.  I have been in some of them. Some sort of teaching is a requirement for advancement.  Competitions is but one means of making folks aware of the level and quality of your work.

On 1/7/2014 10:11 AM, Ted Eisenstein wrote:
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>Someone who isn't entering competitions and teaching classes is probably not
>going to be considered for elevation anyway. 
Except for those who do research, who can't or won't enter competitions. It's
kind of hard to show off heraldic research in many cases, for a successful
badge-and-name submission isn't research of a sort that could be easily

Classes most definitely work, though. I wonder, though, if there's some sort of
balancing act going on - how many more classes need to be taught to balance
a lack of physical items? More classes mean fewer items are needed; more items
means less teaching?

And I'm including one-on-one teaching under "classes", of course.

(One should note, with a bit of self-promotional embarrassment, that in 35+
years in the SCA, I've entered one, count 'em, one competition, and yet
seem to have convinced people that I've taught enough to be worthy of a