To those of you who receive this cross post multiple times, I apologize in advance. -- Johanne

Several people have expressed an interest in teaching specific classes. If you are interested in any off them, please contact me ahead of time for a list of supplies or contact information.

Judur would like to teach what she has learned about reading and translating double face tablet weaving patterns to production. With double face, each of us has something that finally makes the process click . . . make sense. Judur would like to show you what that was for her. She is a premier tablet weaver. If you are having trouble with double face concept, she might be just the teacher for you!

Esther has offered to share her knowledge of inkle, pick-up weaving. Her pick-up weaving is complex and very beautiful. I am always quite amazed by it.

Dorcas might be talked into a class on the various methods of making Falcon Tabards. There has been a pleading request and she has made noises that she just might comply. :-)

A few weekends ago, Luzia and I took a class on Andean Pebble Weave from Nilda Alvarez, from Peru. This type of weave has been done for over 2,000 years, albeit, not in Europe. It's magical. I am a total beginner and my fingers aren't trained yet but I understand the warping/tie-up technique and how to read and execute the patterns. If anyone would be interested in this type of weaving, I will have a few finished examples to admire and can get you started. I also have one of Nilda's books to peruse.

Connell will be teaching a formal boot-making class. From what I understand, the class is full but he welcomes onlookers, who might gain knowledge of the process from watching.

If anyone else is interested in teaching something specific, or if I have missed anyone, please let me know so I can get the info out there.