> Greetings one and all,
>  Every year or so we have the same subject come up. Combining the Arts
> GOA's and the Sciences GOA's under one award.

I believe that this is an issue that has been beaten into submission if
not killed outright. TRM were at great pains at the combined meeting this
last weekend to assure those assembled that they in no way intended this
to imply they were trying to combine the Orders. I believe HG Magda was
surprised by the negative response when she proposed it during her last
reign, as I think most of those who have advocated it over the years were.

The system really isn't broken, and doesn't need fixing, especially when
the "fix" doesn't achieve the stated goals and causes so much heartache.
That the status quo ante is not aesthetically pleasing to some is not a
worthy enough reason.


"Non nobis solum"