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> There will be an A&S competition of German/Bavarian Style beers, and sausages and or buns.

Period or it doesn't matter?

> Judging will take place during the lunch hour. 
> Here is the Chieftains Class Schedule

Wow. Some nice classes. If any of the instructors are creating class handouts for their classes which are complete enough to stand alone, I would love to consider them for the Florilegium.  You keep the copyright and can update them at any time.

> 9am-10am: “Anglo Saxon Poetry” 
> Instructor: HL Ailith Bystone Class description pending. 
> 10am-11am: “How to Make Period-looking Arrows”
> Instructor: Lady Alessandra de Piro This is a demonstration/hands on class on how to make self nocks and wrap fletching. Class limit is 10. Class fee to be determined.
> 11am-12pm: “Improving your Archery through Posture, Aiming, and Practice Techniques”
> Instructor: Lady Alessandra de Piro. This class is more geared toward the newer archer who would like to improve their accuracy/get better but really don't know how. 
> 12pm-1pm:"The Oseberg Ship Burial- Elite women and Amazing Textiles"
> Instructor: HL Neathery of Safita This will be a power point class. 
> 1pm-2pm: “German Beadwork”
> Instructor: Lady Abbatissa inghean lohne mhic Cuaig Students will learn how to create their own beadwork design and attach the materials to a box. Materials will be provided. Class limit: 10 people. Class fee to be determined. 
> 2pm-3:10pm “WTF?! A Quick and Dirty Guide to Ancient and Medieval Swearing”
> Instructor: Lady Padraigin of Three Rivers An entertaining yet informative class on the four letter words most commonly used. (Hint, we still use them today) ***Graphic language will be used; a lot.*** 
> 3:10pm - 4:20pm “Medieval Astrology”
> Instructor: Lady Padraigin of Three Rivers A brief history of astrology and the role it played in the Middle Ages. (Everyone give thanks for modern day medicine). 
> YIS, 
> Dchs Isabeau

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