What is available for hotels or crash space?

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Patricia Andersen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Once again the Barony of MagMor is hosting Winter War Maneuvers but the venue has changed.  We are at Christianson Field in Fremont where you can unload at the door, and there is more than one door.  Troll in first at the main entrance and ask about the other doors.  We open our doors to our guests Saturday Jan 18 at 9am.  There is plenty of parking all around the building.  Fighting can go on, and on, up until 7pm if you like.

There is an inn on site 11am to 2pm and plenty of fast food establishments right up the road if you require a different eating schedule. 

The trade off for all this is that there are no showers so plan accordingly.  And there are no bleachers so you may want your own bench or chair. 

There is a post revel at the nearby Isaac Walton League that can run until 2am.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
L. Etienette Bluet, Autocrat