Hello Calontir! 
I appologize for those who are also on the facebook page and have heard my pleas already. I am your Lillies Youth Coordinator and i'm asking for your help! I still have many slots to fill for classes for our children. You do not have to have a background check (although that would be helpful) to teach a class. You don't even have to have a child in the SCA, all you need is the ability to teach children about a skill that you know. Somethings that are not yet being taught include dancing, singing (kids love to sing!), Falconry (they loved that last year!) , Cooking class, Heraldry. 
I still also need a Herald, Knight and a peer to help with Page school. (dont' worry you wont' need to prepare a lesson plan, just talk about your order). 

I am also in need of a person to be in charge of the "Teen Tent" i am making the schedule, and you will not have to be there the whole war, but I need someone who can get a back ground check (free of charge to you) and enjoys hanging out with teens. 

I also need a volunteer for the tot time program. That is usually run 9am-10am. 
You may sign up below to teach a class:

or if you would like to volunteer to help with page school you can also e-mail me at [log in to unmask]
Or call me at 
319-325-6486 (no calls after 9 please!)

Yours in Service,
ly Izzy :)
(Isabella de Erbiere)