The Facebook page for the online portion of the Lillie's fireworks auction has gone live.  The page is Duncan's Auction.  Feel free to join in the fun and help to support the fireworks the we have all come to love.  Auction rules are listed as well as the ending time for the auction to bid simply comment in the comments of an items description where the starting bid is listed.  The items will be added to as more come available, currently on the site are the following items.

A custom silk banner from and donated by HL Anne
A custom leather jack from and donated by Lord Hans 
An oak bench donated by HL Hugh 
1 piece of custom illumination from and donated by Lady Konstantia
and Dinner for up to 5 at your camp at Lillie's War prepared by Sir Luc.  Sir Luc will supply everything except the alcohol.  He says this will not be a period meal.

Feel free to FWD this anywhere you feel is appropriate.  If you have questions feel free to email me at [log in to unmask]

Duncan of Skeene