Greetings one and all,

Something that has bothered me for more than several years and many Reigns:
Every year or so we have the same subject come up. Combining the Arts GOA's and the Sciences GOA's under one award. What bothers me about this is the difference in the two discipline tracks which I define loosely as: Arts-I can break it with a hammer (yes I can break Elizabethan costume with a hammer), and Sciences-I make it with a hammer, it is my definition-one that works for me.
I hear no discussion occurring on combining the now 3 different Marshallate GOA's under the same thought process, although by logic if it is good for one to streamline its good for all.
I am opposed to a combined A&S GOA. It leaves many starting over in the awards structure as then the pool of individuals to satisfy becomes much larger, and the number of folks who know nothing of the craft in question are now getting to discuss folks without adequate basis in the skills required.
The biggest concern here is that the people who always want this to happen, are people who already have these awards, and just seem to want to put a mark on Kingdom history and customs, IMO be it good or bad. That is a rather self-centered and self-serving stance IMO. There was a reason for the creation of the current award structure, and one that has served us well.
Discuss away

Master Gottfried von Koln, OP