I could be wrong, but I believe in the meeting at Twelfth Night it was specifically stated that there was no talk of combining the orders, just that TRMs wanted to give Lilies and Hammers the opportunity to meet together so we could discuss candidates that could fit well in either order.  

As a Lily, I'm ambivalent about keeping the orders separate or combining them.  I see points on either side.  What I think is important is that people are recognized.  Personally, I feel that an occasional combined meeting can help with this recognition.

I think that everyone in the SCA puts a lot of time and effort into our shared 'hobby', that we all show up to have a good time in our own way, and that we all want what we believe is best for the Orders, Kingdom, and SCA in general.  I wouldn't say that it is self-serving to suggest a change in the way things are done, and I think there is middle ground to be had...perhaps an occasional combined meeting is the answer.

My ten cents,
Mistress Rahil al-Sirhaan, OL, CCL

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