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 ... Thus, it is by examining the process that we determine into which Order the person in question belongs.

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True but the practical problem being we are lucky if 20% of the people at the meeting know any given person being discussed and what they do..

Gerald Goodwine.


By talking to them.  At Queen's Prize, at Kingdom A&S, at other events... it takes only a little more effort to find these things out.


It would be a lot easier to do that for people like me who live on the borders of the Kingdom AND have trouble putting names to faces, if there was a secure on-line "watch list" so I would know who to be looking for when I can finally get to an event.  

And when I can get to an Order meeting, I would be a better participant, having some idea who has already been discussed, and whether a name needs to be brought up again.

Now, at the end of a meeting, I'm lucky if a couple of names have managed to stick in my head long enough to later find the face to put with the name.


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