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>Someone who isn't entering competitions and teaching classes is probably not
>going to be considered for elevation anyway. 
Except for those who do research, who can't or won't enter competitions. It's
kind of hard to show off heraldic research in many cases, for a successful
badge-and-name submission isn't research of a sort that could be easily

That is one of the reasons I continue to encourage such researchers, to greater or lessor effect, to send me their research papers for possible inclusion in the Florilegium.

There is little enough time for judges to read such papers at a contest, much less the spectators or other participants.

Besides this lets folks in other kingdoms know what you are doing and perhaps brings some recognition to your kingdom.

And since I accept updates, your paper can improve as you get more feedback and do more research. It isn't 'frozen in time' like publication in TI or other paper publication.

For heraldic research, the St. Gabriel site is probably a better place, as I stopped collecting much technical name and heraldic info, when that site came into existence.

So, who's got a medieval or SCA research paper that's been sitting around after being written? Find a wider audience by sending it to me.! :-)


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