Novelist, biographer and poet Peter Ackroyd was born in London on 5 October 1949.

In both his fiction and non-fiction writing, Peter Ackroyd places a particular emphasis on exploring and chronicling the city of London, its history, literature, culture and people. He often does this through depicting the city's writers and artists as either fictional characters or biographical subjects.  Consequently, Ackroyd is often defined as a 'London writer', and in this he follows in the footsteps of other London literary figures, many of whom feature in both his fiction and his non-fiction: Charles Dickens, William Blake, Thomas More, Thomas Chatterton, John Milton, Oscar Wilde and T.S. Eliot. Ackroyd comments: 'London has always provided the landscape for my imagination. It becomes a character - a living being - within each of my books' (Peter Ackroyd profile,Guardian online:, 22 July 2008).


2003 CBE
2003 British Book Awards Illustrated Book of the Year, Illustrated London, shortlist
2001 South Bank Show Annual Award for Literature, London: The Biography
1998 James Tait Black Memorial Prize (for biography), The Life of Thomas More
1988 Booker Prize for Fiction, Chatterton, shortlist
1985 Whitbread Novel Award, Hawksmoor
1985 Guardian Fiction Prize, Hawksmoor
1984 Whitbread Biography Award, T. S. Eliot
1984 Somerset Maugham Award, The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde
1984 Heinemann Award, T. S. Eliot, joint winner

Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté
Kingdoms of Calontir and Northshield
Da ambiente e ospitalità sono la bellezza
From ambiance and hospitality come beauty
Mangiare! Mangiare! Siete tuttu troppo sotille!
Eat! Eat! You're all too thin!

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My problem is I’ve never read anything by Peter Ackroyd. He’s supposed to be an “award-winning” author, but is his scholarship sound? So far, there are two books in the purported six book series. This one and the second one, which covers the Tudors up until the death of Elizabeth. If I spend the $3 on this book and can’t read it, that’s $3 less I can spend on a book I could read. Such a dilemma. The sale price is only good until next Monday, the 13th, according to the email I received. ^_^




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I got all excited and ordered it right away on my nook... I haven't had time to read the description yet, so I really only have 2 things to say... $3. is nothing for potentially a good book. Most people spend that on a cup of coffee a couple of days a week. 2nd: nook lets you download a sample to see what you think before you buy.


But I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.


Deirdre (who loves epic stories, like Edward Rutherford writes)


On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 1:52 PM, MsTree <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Has anyone read the Peter Ackroyd book “Foundation: The History of England from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors”? The Nook version is on sale right now for $2.99, and I thought about downloading it. But I’ll only do so if the book is good, since I can’t return Nook books. ^_^




**I haven't lost my mind. It's backed up on disk somewhere.**



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