Linn has a local paper and Jeff City does post listings for Linn.† The drive to Linn to Jeff City is very easy.† It takes around 30 minutes to get from Linn Tech to downtown Jeff City.†

If you would more information, please pm me and I would be happy to give you as much info as I have.

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If someone in Wyvern Cliffe can help me, please? I need to know how far Linn is from Jefferson City on Highway 50. My nephew is retiring from the Army this spring and has applied to the Technical College there to study Avionics. However, while I could tell him how far it is to Jeff City from here, Iíve never been to Linn. Can someone help me with this? Time or mileage, I donít care which. Also, does Linn have a local paper or does the Jeff City paper carry the real estate ads for the community?

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