*HAIL TO GENTLES FROM FAR AND NEAR**…as Estrella War XXX approaches,
Atenveldt warmly greets you, and bids you welcome here!*

*KNOWN WORLD Jan 13, 2014 Estrella War Announcement Digest *(Please use the
reference numbers next to the bolded categories to find the topics you wish
to find out more about).


1.    *ACCEPS is OPEN*, Deadline is Feb. 10, 2014

2.    *Front Gate Needs Your Assistance* – If you as an individual or your
Barony, Shire, Canton, College, or Household would like to volunteer or
“sponsor” a shift at Front Gate, please come join us in greeting travelers
to this event.

3.    *A&S Classes and Demonstrations* - You are cordially invited to share
your art, skill or special knowledge of these current Middle Ages to an
eager group of students. Interactive arts and science demonstrations will
be offered.

4.    *Volunteers Needed* - Everyone working at the Estrella War, from the
main Event Coordinators to the person you see standing at the entrance
directing traffic, is an unpaid volunteer.

5.    *Host our EMTs *- The Keepers of the Estrella War EMTs ask your
assistance in showing our famous hospitality to the four gentlemen who keep
us safe during the week of War by provided them with Breakfast and/or



*Pre-registration for Estrella War XXX* *is OPEN* but it will CLOSE on
February 10, 2014. So do not wait get pre-registered today at:

*The advantages to pre-registration will include the $15 savings as well as
the ability to come in on Tuesday (General Admission does not open until
Wednesday) and guaranteed camping space for each pre-registered person.*

For more information on Preregistration visit

We look forward to seeing you at the War!

Pre-Registration Staff

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*Front Gate Needs Your Assistance*

Estrella War XXX is fast approaching and we are in need of smiling faces to
check people at the Front Gate.

The Front Gate operates continuously from the opening of the gates for
those that have not pre-registered on Wednesday Feb 26th 7AM until Saturday
March 1st  midnight; this provides ample opportunity to meet your “2 hours
of volunteer time” and since everyone has to pass through Front Gate to
enter War what better place to be to ensure you get to see those friends
you know are coming but you have no idea where they will be camping!

We would love to have Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Colleges, and Households
to volunteer to “sponsor” a shift at Front Gate.   By sponsoring a shift a
group provides most or all of the people needed for the Front Gate to
operate during that time.  Shifts vary in length from 2 to 8 hours.  During
the day 7 to 8 people are typically needed, but for the night shifts as few
as 4 can fully staff the area but the more people, the more fun you can

If your group is unable to coordinate a shift sponsorship we still have a
need for warranted officers, especially seneschals, exchequers, reeves, and
their deputies to run the registers.  Estrella War financial policy
strongly suggests that the registers be staffed by these individuals over
21 years of age because of the money handling concerns.  Please ask your
officers to consider donating their volunteer time at Front Gate.

For anyone who might be interested in taking on a greater role in a future
Estrella War, the position of Shift Leader may be of interest.  These
individuals coordinate the efforts of the other Front Gate volunteers under
the guidance of the Front Gate Coordinator; this position is recommended as
the first step to take in the path of eventually petitioning for the office
of Estrella Front Gate Coordinator.

Volunteering at Troll is an excellent place for new or inexperienced
members in the SCA; you’ll meet lots of people, get to see how a major
event is run; and best of all it’s an easy job to do!

Thank you

Mistress Katrina von Rosenberg

Estrella War XXX Front Gate Coordinator

Email: [log in to unmask]

Phone: 480-807-5612 no calls after 9:00pm please


*A&S Classes and Demonstrations **INSTRUCTORS NEEDED!*

We want Estrella War XXX to be an event to be remembered for years to come
and in order to do that, we need your help. Therefore, you are cordially
invited to share your art, skill or special knowledge of these current
Middle Ages to an eager group of students. Your classes can be as short as
one hour and as long as a full day. Classes will be held Wednesday through
Saturday, February 26-March 1, 2014 and begin at 9AM and finish by 6PM each
day. You are also welcome to offer your class(es) at multiple times or
days. If you have special requirements for the class, you may contact
the Collegium
Coordinator <[log in to unmask]> to discuss these requirements.

Estrella War XXX Collegium will be bigger and better than ever before.
Classes will be held in all categories, including arms/armour, cooking,
clothing, sciences, manuscript arts, performing arts, textiles, brewing,
metalwork, leatherwork, heraldry and more. The classes will be held from
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 through Saturday, March 1, 2014 and are open
to anyone attending the war. Each day, classes begin at 9 AM and the last
class will be finished by 6 pm to allow attendees to enjoy the evening

Classes are generally free, unless the instructor requests a material fee
in the class description. See the class schedule for class dates, times,
any associated materials fees, class size limits and age limits. Schedules
will be posted on this website, in the gatebook, on kiosks throughout the
war site and at the collegium. You may sign up the day of the classes
starting at 8 AM and the classes are filled on a first come, first served
basis. There will be wait lists for classes that have been filled and if
there are any cancellations or no shows, the spaces will be filled from the
wait lists.

·      As in 2013, the classes will be arranged in Colleges of related
topics, which makes finding the classes you are interested in much easier!
The colleges are:

·      The College of War; i.e., arms and amour, war machines, historical
combat strategies, bowery/fletching, etc.

·      The College of Culinary Arts

·      The College of Clothing; Historical clothing, footwear, and

·      The College of Sciences

·      The College of Manuscript Arts; parchment/paper making, inks,
calligraphy and illuminations, book binding, cartography, etc.

·      The College of Performing arts; music, spoken, dance, puppetry,
juggling, etc.

·      The College of Textile arts

·      The College of the trades; woodworking, leather working. Brewing,
metal work, ceramics, glass making, etc.

·      College of Heraldry

There will be an area set aside for participants to work on unfinished
projects, wait for the next class to start or just soak up the artsy
inspirational atmosphere.

*Arts & Sciences Demonstrations*

Interactive arts and science demonstrations will be offered in conjunction,
and at the same location, as the arts and sciences Collegium. Four
workshops will be set up for artisans use to demonstrate their art or
science. Workshops are scheduled in three-hour blocks. An artisan may also
request the booth for the duration of the entire day, or offer to
demonstrate their art on two different days.
These demonstrations are not for observation only, but to afford the person
viewing the rare opportunity to try their hand at the art form being
demonstrated. Imagine yourself emerged in an art form you have always
wanted to try! Nothing gives you a deeper appreciation of an art form that
to experience it for yourself.

Please help us to promote the arts and sciences and inspire new artisans.
Nothing is as rewarding as to see that spark ignite in someone’s eyes when
they get their first taste of the pure potentiality of the artistic
creative process. Demonstrations are a no fuss way
to share your passion and expertise.

Sign up to be a demonstrational artist using the online A&S Teacher Sign-up


*Volunteers Needed*

Everyone working at the Estrella War, from the main Event Coordinators to
the person you see standing at the entrance directing traffic, is an unpaid
volunteer. They work to make the Estrella War happen for many reasons.

·      It’s fun to interact with people from all over the SCA world! We
have people from as far as Sweden and Germany attend, so come meet them all!

·      You can make new, lasting friendships! There’s nothing like the
bonding that happens when people work together.

·      You get a front row seat for lots of things! Field supporters and
marshals get an “up close” view of the heavy combat, rapier, and youth

Working makes you eligible for gifts given in a Volunteer Raffle! Each
year, the generous merchants in Merchant’s
Row<> donate
gifts to be given to people who volunteer at Estrella War. When you
complete your volunteer hours, you are given Raffle Voucher(s) for the
hours and area where you worked, and asked to take those Vouchers to
Volunteer Point to receive Raffle Tickets. The number of tickets you
receive is based on the number of hours worked. Raffles are then held to
randomly select people who have volunteered at the event to receive the
wonderful items donated by the Estrella War merchants. See the Gatebook for
the time and place that Volunteer Raffles will be held.


*Hosting our EMT’s for Breakfast or Dinner*

It is that time of year again when the Keepers of the Estrella War EMTs ask
your assistance in showing our famous hospitality to the four gentlemen who
keep us safe during the week of Estrella War.  If your Kingdom, Barony, or
Household would be willing host our EMTs for either breakfast or dinner
during the week, please contact Lady Rowan at [log in to unmask] with
the following information:

Meal Time (Breakfast or Dinner)

Date you wish to host

Approximate Meal Time

Approximate Camping Location (Please list your Kingdom, Barony and
Household name so that we can find you at the actual War)

Contact Name/s (Mundane and SCA)

If you will have a phone available on site, a phone number

Please note that depending on the day, there will be 4 men to
accommodate.  These
four gentlemen are celebrating their 8th year of service with us and one of
the greatest times they have at our event is sharing meals with the
multiple households from all of the different Kingdoms.  We thank you in
advance for your assistance in helping host our guests and we look forward
to hearing from everyone!

Yours In Service,

Baroness Natalia and Lady Rowan

If you are hosting an activity or special event for Estrella War XXX and
would like it to be promoted please send it to [log in to unmask] and
CC it to [log in to unmask]


In Service,
*Arianna Marie della Luna, Baroness of the Court*
*Estrella War XXX Promotions*