Calling all of my fellow fabric hoarders of the Kingdom. At Clothiers I will be set up in the gathering place when not teaching my 2 hours. TRM need and desire shoulder bags. Know that wee scrap of beautiful fabric you can not bear to part with? or that piece you bought and now wonder what you were thinking? The floss left over from your embroidery, the small bit of canvas or denim from reinforcing milady's bodice, all can and will be used to craft the bags.
Have you always wanted to give largess, but thought you might not have a skill that would be useful? I can teach you how to make either a shoulder bag or simple small largess bag and how to make the crazy quilt fabric that elevates the simple to Royal levels. This will be a on-going learning and sharing experiment. I will have supplies and except supplies at all events I attend.
No scrap of fabric too small or too ugly. All levels of experience welcomed and gratefully given chocolate for help.
Off the top of my head useful donations would be embroidery floss, heavy fabric for the lining/support, multiple beautiful and plain scraps for the outside. A package of hand sewing needles of various types for all material, odds and ends of beads and trim, period looking buttons. A package of embroidery floss from the merchant at the wall (you know the one with all the colors in it) Heavy sewing thread, (button, quilting type) in white and black. Gallon Ziplock bags for sending supplies away with willing hands!
Thanks everyone! This kind of thing is too much fun! I know I'm your crazy Aunt! Love, Auntie Alvira