Posted on behalf of the editor of TI:

Our upcoming Quest article is “Three Dinner Guests,” with Guest Editor Esther Reese | Emma Haldan.

We know (and don’t ask us for our sources) that you have given serious thought about the SCA period

people you would love to talk with. Ours might be Richard III, Alfred the Great, and Eleanor of Aquitane (or

perhaps not). So, if you had the opportunity to have dinner with up to three Society-period individuals,

tell us who they are and why. Are you looking for juicy details? Do you really want to know what they

wore on February 17, 1432? Were those political machinations his own brainstorm, or was there a

behind-the-scenes voice in his head? Share your imaginings and considerations by sending them

to [log in to unmask] by February 7, and it may be included in the Second Quarter 2014 Issue of Tournaments Illuminated