Please post to any and all other lists that may have an interest.

Holmgang, Bertie Beetle, Swiss Five...what's your favorite tourney? Want to see it at Lilies this year? Then contact me. I'll be your tourney coordinator for the war.

Who can host a tournament at Lilies? Anyone! Does your household want to have a huge party? Host a torchlight tourney? Does your shire want to learn more about unit tactics? Host a warlord tourney. Do you want to celebrate medieval justice? How about a wager of battle? Does your kingdom want to showcase its fighting prowess? A Pas d'armes may be just the thing. Hate fighting from your knees? A speed tourney is right up your alley.

But none of this can happen without sponsors. Meet new people. Renew old friendships. Rekindle ancient feuds.

If you want to add to the fun, then let me know so I can get your favorite tourney on the schedule.

Maighster Murdoch,

Lilies Tourney Coordinator

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