I couldn’t see any list of ingredients other than hot dogs, “frying”, sandwich and chips.


I could potentially help, too, but I agree that it needs to be done in person.  And I would need to wait until after WWM.  I’m booked solid until next week.




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Did you do all the pricing?  There are some things on there that I don't understand....  I think there would be a bunch of people, including me, who would be happy to chat with you all about this, but doing it in person would be MUCH easier.   I would say that your budget is rather ambitious!  450 meals for $575 may required some adjustments.... If you want to chat, give me a call and we can get together! (More experienced feast stewards please chime in, I'm just looking at ingredients!)


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Your feast steward should see about visiting with some one like Gwyneth or Mikhail about how to plan and budget a feast. They are trying to do 3 meals for only $575?


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my friends(Amtgard) are trying to run an event, they are feeding 150 people three meals and 

they are $575 of food. they are trying to make it better the hot dog and frying, sandwich with chips.

If anyone have recipe or ideas, we would love to hear them.



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