_/Great/_ stories everyone! They do warm up these long winter days.

Just be sure to add TAN to the subject line so those who don't care to 
wade through them can delete easily. Some folks get hundreds of emails 
daily from many sources and it becomes a chore, not a joy, to deal with 
them all.

Also remember to delete the long long quoted message part of your reply, 
so the Digest people have shorter messages to skim.

This is certainly "on-topic" and a lot of fun in my book, but it is 
somewhat tangential to the main theme of our list and we want to be 
couretous to everyone!


On 1/18/14 10:51 AM, Mieke Roth wrote:
> have been lurking for a long time because stuff but boy, do I love 
> this tread!

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
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Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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