Looks like you will have to plug the hole with a Third Party Driver like Vuescan or Silverfast. 
Vuescan is $40-80.

Looks like Silverfast in not yet 64bit. looks like it needs to interact with the hardware more 
closely. I'm not sure what Vuescan is doing to get around this.

Here is an interesting discussion: Look at the third answer, but I am not sure if this applies to 


On 1/23/14 11:04 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> So apparently I can't run Photoshop CC in 32 bit mode.
> I asked Epson if they have any scanners that come with drivers for 64 bit systems and this was their
> reply:
> "Unfortunately all Epson scanners has native 32 bit drivers only."
> It seems strange to me, that operating systems and Adobe software are well on their way to leaving
> the 32 bit mode behind, but Epson hasn't even made one scanner driver for the 64 bit mode. Ug.
> ---
> *Emily S. Damstra*

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