By Chiquita Auctianna (or if formal titles are your thing, /The
        Auction Chair/, how stuffy sounding)

Happy New Year, everyone! Chiquita Auctianna here with a friendly 
reminder that this summer, in Boulder, Colorado, a great event will take 
place: the GNSI Annual Auction. Woot, woot!

For those of you who are new or need a refresher, the Annual Auction is 
an evening event held during the Annual Conference. It consists of a 
large silent auction and a smaller, but no-less spirited live auction. 
It is /always/ a blast.

But it doesn't happen in a vacuum; it is entirely fueled by donations by 
our generous members and sponsors. So, with the annual auction around 
the corner, Chiquita Auctianna is asking you to have a lookie around 
your studio with an eye for what to donate. Was Santa overly generous in 
December? Great! Consider a holiday purge to counteract that holiday 
binge. Gearing up for spring cleaning in your studio? Excellent; 
Chiquita is looking for stuff and things: everything from original art 
to extra art supplies to luxury vehicles (hey, why not?) is fair game. 
And if you have something obscure or sensational (Leslie Becker has put 
in a special request for worm poop this year, just sayin), then by all 
means, bring it! Our live auction team needs fuel for their silliness if 
we are to have a raucous time.

So please, start scheming/collecting. Lets make the 2014 Auction 
memorable above all others! As a reminder, proceeds from the Auction are 
split between the Education Fund and the operating budget. A win-win, if 
you ask Chiquita, and I'm pretty sure you just did. Bring donations to 
the registration desk at the conference, or items can be mailed ahead of 
time (whether you are attending the meeting or not!) to:

Chiquita Auctianna's Cave of Wonders
c/o Visible Science
386 S. Clarkson St.
Denver, CO 80209

Please be sure to include a note saying who you are, what the auction 
item is, and its approximate value. (Chiquita is better suited to 
smiling perty and nodding than she is to thinking critically, so best 
not to leave any executive decisions up to her.) On behalf of the GNSI, 
thanks in advance for the luxury vehicle!

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
[log in to unmask] <>

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