Is anybody keeping track of the latest regarding the Paint the Parks  
competition and Paint America competitions? I just went online to do a  
little digging and noticed that the domain is up for  
grabs via auction - interested parties must bid $650 or more. This  
used to be the domain for PaintAmerica, which ran both competitions.  
All info about past competitions and winners seems to be gone from the  
web, other than some references on Facebook and those related to the  
Coutts Museum. Rod Seel is now the director of the Coutts and seems to  
be running the art competitions under the auspices of that museum.  
Information is rather sketchy, though.

Some of you may remember the former Arts for the Parks, which once had  
a $50,000 grand prize. It disbanded a few years ago - apparently  
suddenly and to the surprise of many. Paint the Parks attempted to  
keep the flame burning, so to speak.

Just wondering what information anyone else has - and whether any of  
you submitted in the last 2-3 years?

Best regards,
Ms. Lynette R. Cook, Artist/Illustrator
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