I have a small canister I filled with 4B Wolff dust and bought General's 
Graphite and Charcoal dust. They are good for when you have large masses 
of a single tonal value.

Have not thought about mixing them together. Will try that.


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On 1/29/14 5:09 PM, Mali Moir wrote:
> Hi,
> I have used graphite bought from the hardware shop, sold to loosen up 
> locks, but only the micro fine will work. I found that the harder and 
> stiffer my brush or tool, the darker the tonal effect, ie, soft sable 
> = light tone, stiff taklon or hogs hair bristle brush = darker tone, 
> paper stub = darker again.
> Yes super for illustrating bones, my students did an amazing job with 
> skulls and so quick compared to pencils !
> I first came across it in the GNSI handbook many years ago, what a 
> revelation?Such brilliant artists !
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