All these fascinating "Rabbit Hole" stories have inspired a question:

Since Holly mentioned donating a barred owl to a state park after she "rescued" it's body from the grill of a car - does anyone have any experience trying to obtain a permit to keep these found specimens? As I understand it, it's not entirely legal to have the bodies of wildlife in one's freezer - or even long dead, dried artifacts around the house - unless they were hunted during an official season and you paid for the license to do so. However, knowing many friends involved in the academic sciences, there are "research permits" that they regularly obtain in order to collect specimens while traveling (those specimens obviously should end up in a lab or official archive somewhere, butů). Anyone know if there is a similar type of research permit for people in our profession? I don't feel like I'm in immediate danger of being found out by my local fish and wildlife department, but I also would prefer to operate within the rules. Just curious.


On Jan 18, 2014, at 12:43 PM, Holly Butlett wrote:

> Barry, Judy and Karen- you have made my day.  I have shelves of dried bugs.   And do collect anything that might help with an illustration.   I was coming out of a restaurant and the car right outside the door caught my eye because of the talons sticking out of the grill.  I am on a date- (luckily with my understanding ,sometimes husband)  to find out what the talons belonged to.    I gently pulled the feet and had a wonderful barred owl with a broken neck.  A great bird to freeze- get pictures, sketches etc.   The people who were entering the restaurant  looked a bit horrified.   So I told them I was looking for the special.  lol  The bird was donated to a state park and is mounted for education.   Every time I see it- I have to smile.  
> I have boxes of snake skin, moth wings, and so many books.   These are my treasure's.    So glad to know there are others out there that do the same.    Holly

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