Good Morning All & Happy New Year!

A former class mate is willing to make a journal for my May 1014 Exit Show (Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly) at UGA.  I would like an off white - cream paper, suitable for graphite, colored pencil, water color pencil, watercolor sketches, ink pen.  I will also insert copies of previous sketches, other related photos, etc.

Size - 9 x 12 with approximately 160 pages.  Considering 90 - 110 lb or 150 gsm.  Had looked at Stonehinge, however one of the paper specialists at UGA suggested not to use, because it will “crack” when folded - I tested it & confirmed.

The journal, if not filled during the semester will continue with special entries on the Monarch butterfly for future projects.

Thank you very much indeed for your expertise and guidance!

“OC” Carlisle
Student, University of Georgia

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