Hi Barry:
I think that rabbit hole is large, and many of us are right in there with you. 

Very well said. 
Gosh I think their "ordinary" lives are missing so much.... gosh, how boring that must be..... 
I'm so very appreciative of this group.

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On Jan 17, 2014, at 10:46 AM, Barry K. MacKay wrote:

> I was thinking along those lines myself.
> BUT, none of them, thus their friends and colleagues, are from “my” world.   And it is astounding to me when I come up against “ordinary” people…people who don’t have a hawk spending the winter in the furnace room while recovering from head trauma; who don’t have preserved zoological specimens tucked here and there; who don’t have massive reference libraries, who don’t comment on the appearance of clouds, who don’t automatically kill spiders, who have a dead whatever in the freezer (but is a vegan in their diet as I and one group of my friends are) or runs toward, not away from, snakes, or whose camera is virtually never aimed at humans, or is not fanatical but is careful, about saving energy or properly recycling, or has “ugly creatures” as screen-savers and so on and on…

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