Hi Natalya, and Happy New Year!
You are perfectly correct. "because we've always done it that way", and a lot of our data spreadsheets are compiled in Excel, etc.. Many of us in this group are self-employed, and time is money. Taking away from our work flow, which is never a "flow", more often similar to a spin-cycle. It's hard to fit in the time to learn a new program. Often I learn just enough to get me by, then ..... great gaping holes in knowledge. 

I really appreciate the mention of Apple's office suite. Never thought about it. I have heard that Keynote is just fine. I think after we have established programs, like Powerpoint, it's just daunting to think of rebuilding it in another program. But that might be a totally wrong assumption, it might convert, or be easy-peasy. 

Thanks for tossing this out there. 
There is another reason for thinking about Apple's office suite that might apply. I always get the Apple Care extended coverage with a purchase, and I use that so much in quickly sorting out little stupid tricky things with their software or connecting. They are SO great in tech support. It's worth it to me to ask them first.  Mine ran out last year with this computer and I still wish I had it in force. 

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On Jan 16, 2014, at 9:11 AM, Natalya Zahn wrote:

I'm gonna throw out a crazy question - why not take this opportunity to ditch Microsoft and switch to Apple's office suite, iWork (Numbers, Pages and Keynote)? I know Microsoft Office has become somewhat of a standard, but the alternative is plenty compatible, and in my opinion looks and works MUCH better. (I honestly think Office persists "because we've always done it that way" - NOT because it's user-friendly or superior in any way) Yes, this would be one more thing to disrupt your workflow and learn, but software updates pretty much always end up happening at the worst possible time… and compared to your design software, iWork is a deal at under $100.

Not to make light of your troubles Linda - I have been in similar situations as you more times than I care to remember, and you have my complete sympathy. I hope you're able to resolve all of the things impeding your productivity in as timely a manner as possible - but I also hope your workstation benefits from the efforts and that you're feeling much more positive in a week!

Best of luck,


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