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On Jan 16, 2014, at 12:58 PM, OC Carlisle wrote:

Notes on Keynote…

Have used Keynote on several occasions - absolutely the best!  I use a plain black background & my photos and images just pop!  If there are type face issues, could save the presentation as a PDF, then open and present?

Also, when I used the installed projectors in various locations, found that I had to decrease the exposure, used levels in Photoshop.  Worked wonders!  I had noticed that some of my scanned images (graphite, ink, etc) were way to light.  Darkened them a bit, I found a “magic” number in levels, ran a test or two, fabulous results.

The images may look a bit “flat” on the CPU, but projected - beautiful!

Best!  “OC”

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