I apologize if this topic is repetitive.  I am on the hunt for a laptop, which can work with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash/Dreamweaver, and ArcGIS. 

I am having trouble finding a laptop with a low resolution screen, preferably 1366x768, that has discrete graphics cards.  I think Apple may have the highest resolution on their Macbook Pros, which may hurt my eyes, however, I may need to consider them, as I'm having rudamental issues with technical service and recovery disks with Lenovo/Toshiba etc. 

Has anyone used a typical Macbook Pro 15.6" i7, with the basic configuration, which does not include many discrete graphics with Adobe Creative Suite CS6?  Does it work relatively well, or is a 1 gb discrete graphics card really critical to a happy work mode with Adobe CS6?

Does anyone else know of other brand laptops that might have a matte low resolution screen with discrete graphics?
Has anyone installed Ubuntu/Linux on an Apple?

I saw Adobe Premier Pro recommends very $ graphics cards, is it the only Adobe program that has such high requirements?

Thank you,


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