We have the CS5 Adobe suite on our 15" Mac Powerbook, which is several years old; OS 10.8.5

Since upgrading to the latest suite (I have the subscription), I get messages when Pshop loads that there's a problem with my graphics card for some of the functions. I don't use them (3D is one), so it's not a big deal, but I suspect that at some point my 6 year old iMac will need updating to handle even the basic stuff.

oddly, I load Photoshop every day and I only get the message some days, not all. Maybe half? Why this is I do not know.


On 1/16/14 6:01 PM, Britt Griswold wrote:
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There is no problem running the adobe suite on a 15" mac laptop, at least up to 10.7.5. I have no 
experience beyond that, but I would think we would be hearing bloody murder if it were a problem.

A separate graphics chip is pretty common in the 15" Mac laptops these days, the newer chips offer 
OpenCL/Open/GL processing I think, if your software can handle it, this speeds up graphic and 
calculating processes that are normally CPU run.  I suspect this is what Adobe Premier is looking 
for when suggesting a powerful Graphics card.

Read this forum thread for a take on Apple and ArcGIS:

As for the low resolution screen, I would think a high res-screen set to double size (as you can do 
with new Macs) would provide a smoother appearance than a low res standard screen.  If you are 
looking for non-glare glass, you might have to apply your own aftermarket solution for that: 


On 1/16/14 4:27 PM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
I use an older MacBook Pro and also a MacBook Air with CS6 with no problems. I'm running OS 10.8. I
generally bump up the RAM when working with graphics but that would be the only "bump". I do use
Premiere, but haven't had any problems. If you are working on a large Premier project, you might
break it down into smaller portions and "stitch" it together at the end. Also, a fast external drive
would be useful. I would recommend you leave a large portion of your hard drive empty to speed
processing, particularly if you plan to do video.

You can adjust the brightness of any Mac screen - desktop or laptop. You can also set the resolution
you desire (under system preferences).

I have no experience with ArcGIS or Linux.


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I apologize if this topic is repetitive.  I am on the hunt for a laptop, which can work with Adobe
Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash/Dreamweaver, and ArcGIS.

I am having trouble finding a laptop with a low resolution screen, preferably 1366x768, that has
discrete graphics cards.  I think Apple may have the highest resolution on their Macbook Pros,
which may hurt my eyes, however, I may need to consider them, as I'm having rudamental issues with
technical service and recovery disks with Lenovo/Toshiba etc.

Has anyone used a typical Macbook Pro 15.6" i7, with the basic configuration, which does not
include many discrete graphics with Adobe Creative Suite CS6?  Does it work relatively well, or is
a 1 gb discrete graphics card really critical to a happy work mode with Adobe CS6?

Does anyone else know of other brand laptops that might have a matte low resolution screen with
discrete graphics?
Has anyone installed Ubuntu/Linux on an Apple?

I saw Adobe Premier Pro recommends very $ graphics cards, is it the only Adobe program that has
such high requirements?

Thank you,
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