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It stands for Really Simple Syndication. Back in the bad old days you had to generate an RSS file manually but now most web software does it automatically. If you go to you will see the file. It is most useful when used with a RSS reader such as Feedly. That allows you to aggregate feeds from many different sites to get all your news in one place. 
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Pardon me. What is RSS? 

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I just subscribed via feedly and it worked great. Easier to read on a phone actually! Thank you everyone who has been working on this! 
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I will check. I don't recall setting it up specifically for RSS 
output. It may be there is an option to be flipped. 

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> On 2/11/2014 11:36 AM, Debra Hense wrote: 
>> Can you try without the /feed ? 
> That doesn't produce RSS output. Sorry. 
> Tibor