You picked a good time to be in Key West, Alban! 

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>> Wow was I wrong. Its Hawaiian sea salt, and they said you can find it in 
>> local fresh markets where they have a selection of salts. 

Oddly enough, I was in Key West a couple of days ago, and wandered into 
a tea-and-spice shop on, hmmm, Front Street near Duval I think. They 
had quite a selection of salts, both self-flavored (habanero salt; 
garlic salt; triple-something salt) and naturally flavored of 
several types, including fleur de sel, and some sort of Mediterranean 
salt not FdS, and a few others. 

I've got their website. If anyone wants to check to see if they have 
correct salts, ask. 

(Their business card and the website are hidden somewhere in my 
luggage, else I'd post right now.)