Congratulations Konstantia! That takes a special kind of crazy. :-) -- Johanne

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Unto the the people of Calontir and the Known World, especially the heralds, Greetings from Dorcas Gold Falcon.  I hope this message finds you well.
After interviewing three (!) candidates, Their Calon Majesties have selected HL Konstantia Kaloethina to be the next Calontir Principal Herald.  Her promotion from Purple Falcon to Gold Falcon will take place at Crown Tournament.
To everyone who applied or considered applying for the office, please accept my heartfelt thanks.  I consider it a good sign that so many heralds want to serve the kingdom in this way.
I look forward to working with Konstantia and I know that everyone will support her as she takes on this new level of responsibility.  Congratulations!
In service,