On 2/27/2014 11:17 AM, Lothar wrote:
> Was there a period way to display the heraldry of someone deceased?
> black bar ??

Not to my knowledge.

Arms can be thought of as a type of property, one with particular
features and rights.  If someone inherits arms, those arms are

If no one inherits the arms, the arms are in abeyance.

Arms could be associated with a family name and such, or
with property.  If associated with property, the right
to display the arms would go to the new owner.  If the
family line died out, the arms were gone.

Unlike the SCA, I believe that the English system of arms
(and others similar like Irish and Scottish) simply stop
protecting arms when no one owns them any more.  The SCA
doesn't do that.

Mind you: I haven't specifically researched this topic, but
am repeating my general impression from having read a lot
on this topic when I was a more active herald.