This is an official statement from the Kingdom Seneschal of Calontir, Maighster Murdoch Stiubhard.

As stated in a previous message to this list, the YAFA program has not been rolled out yet.  Any questions or concerns should be addressed to either the YAFA committee at [log in to unmask], or me at [log in to unmask], or the Kingdom Minister of Youth at [log in to unmask]

Their Royal Majesties are NOT currently involved in any part of this project.  Questions and concerns should NOT be addressed to them at this time.

I remain a servant of the Crown.
Maighster Murdoch, Calon Steward

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Sent: February 5, 2014 3:37 PM
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Subject: Re: [CALONTIR] [B3R List] New Society Youth initiative

Whatever your feelings about this proposal, I strongly encourage you to 1)
read it, and 2) let Their Majesties know your thoughts.

"Non nobis solum"