Yes, please. This discussion has gotten me interested in seeing if there really is a taste difference between the different salt sources.

These different salts have been a recent, growing fad. Not too long ago, it was difficult to simply find sea salt.

Then a number of salt samples can join my collection of different honeys (from a Pennsic merchant when he was shutting down) and various 'medieval' spices, also mostly from Pennsic. 

I haven't seen any evidence that medieval Europeans infused salts, but they did infuse sugar with other spices.
flavord-sugars-msg (8K) 3/27/05 Period flavored, infused sugars.


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>>> Wow was I wrong. Its Hawaiian sea salt, and they said you can find it in
>>> local fresh markets where they have a selection of salts.
> Oddly enough, I was in Key West a couple of days ago, and wandered into
> a tea-and-spice shop on, hmmm, Front Street near Duval I think. They
> had quite a selection of salts, both self-flavored (habanero salt;
> garlic salt; triple-something salt) and naturally flavored of
> several types, including fleur de sel, and some sort of Mediterranean
> salt not FdS, and a few others.
> I've got their website. If anyone wants to check to see if they have
> correct salts, ask.
> (Their business card and the website are hidden somewhere in my
> luggage, else I'd post right now.)
> Alban

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