To those of you who receive this post multiple times, I apologize in advance. -- Johanne

We don't have an alternate date for Bobbin & Weaving. The snow from today's weather should be cleared from the main arteries by Thursday and Friday. There is a 30% chance of snow "showers" in this area on Saturday. They are not calling for accumulation at this time.

Our main concern is for everyone's safety. If the roads in the area you are traveling from are still bad, please use your own good judgement as to whether you should come.

Lenny has snow removal equipment, so the roads on the property will be cleared. The house sits on a steep hill, but the main parking is at the bottom. Lenny asks that you come in the alternate entrance that  is used for SCA camping events, at the bottom of the hill. It will be clearly marked. He has put chains on the "Gator", motorized vehicle and will give everyone and their supplies a ride up to the house.

I hope you all can still make it but please, stay safe! There is always next year.

Thinking of you all,