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> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 00:03:08 -0600
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> Subject: [CALONTIR] astronomical (sort of) term?
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> The Vernal Equinox takes place every Spring when the Sun crosses the
> apparent Equator, making the day and the night equal. Ditto for the
> Autumnal Equinox, six months earlier/later (depending on how you look
> at it).
> Once Europeans had started going south of the Equator for long enough
> that they knew the seasons were reversed, did they come up with a more
> generic term for the equinoxes that didn't involve the words "vernal"
> or "autumnal" to refer to a specific equinox? Was there a general term
> for "The thing that happens in March that's not tied to a particuolar
> season"?
> .....and how long did it take them to realize that the seasons were
> reversed, anyway?
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