Hello. Carrys, 

I know I'm late this, but I got side tracked. Is there still merchant space available for the Vault of Valhalla. Three tables and two chairs would be great, but I can supply my own tables and chairs if I can get space, but no furniture. 

If I can't get space, I understand. I meant to respond to your email, then it completely slipped my mind until today. We'll still be attending Chieftains whether we merchant or not. We wouldn't miss it!

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The Vault of Valhalla

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For those interested in merchanting at Chieftains, information is below. 
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Hello Everyone,

If you are planning on merchanting at Chieftans this year, please contact me ([log in to unmask]). There is NO merchant fee. What I need to know is the size space you need/want, and if you would like us to provide you with table(s)/chair(s) and if so, how many. Or if you will be bringing your own table(s) and chair(s). I will need to know if you need any table(s) and/or chair(s) by February 1st.


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