Mathurin wrote: 

> Actually TRM letter on the Kingdom website *specifically* requests Their
> Populace to send our thoughts to Them.
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> Mathurin
> "Non nobis solum"

That is why I posted my public apology to you and everyone else yesterday morning.

In case you missed it, here it is again.

I remain a servant of the Crown.
Maighster Murdoch

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Subject: Mea Culpa: Was RE: From the KS: was New Society Youth initiative
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 09:31:01 -0600

So if you were at my Pelican ceremony, you heard HE Magnus talk about making colossal mistakes.  Well guess what, I provided an excellent example for everyone on this list to see.

I could tell a long story about a message from corporate, a quick discussion among the Witan, a supposedly private webpage actually being searchable by everyone, and how the Kingdom Seneschal tried to react quickly in a way that would satisfy all interested parties.

Instead, I will issue another official statement from the Calontir Kingdom Seneschal.

I apologize to Mathurin and all others who wrote to  (or wanted to write to) Their Royal Majesties Calontir regarding the YAFA program.  I didn't double check the Kingdom webpage to see if TRMs had issued a statement asking for input.  All reasons aside, the mistake and fault are mine.

So, as TRMs have stated (I just checked the Kingdom website to make sure), please feel free to send comments or concerns regarding YAFA to them at [log in to unmask]

I also urge you to include the YAFA team at [log in to unmask], as well as myself ([log in to unmask]) and Ms. Roise, our Kingdom Minister of Youth ([log in to unmask]).

I remain a servant of the Crown.
Maighster Murdoch, Calon Steward

p.s. Humble pie is on the menu

> Whatever your feelings about this proposal, I strongly encourage you to 1) read it, and 2) let Their Majesties know your thoughts.

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> Mathurin
> "Non nobis solum"