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That’s a good question. I always thought the Gold on Purple Calatrava was reserved for the Crown. Can it also be used as a populace badge like the falcon?




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My understanding is that the gold Calatrava on purple background can be worn by the populace. The reverse color purple Calatrava on gold, with purple border is the badge of the Order of the Cross of Calontir. 

Order of the Cross of Calontir: given to those whose works, deeds, conduct, and service to the Crown and the kingdom have been of an exceptional nature. Companions of the cross of Calontir may place the initials CCC after their names, and may bear the order's badge: Or, a cross of Calatrava within a bordure purpure 



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The Calon Cross (AKA gold colored cross calatrava on a purple field) is the badge of a specific Calontir Grant of Arms level award.  Will you be making those particular tabards for  people who are members of that order?  It might be a good idea to consult with your group's Herald regarding who may wear which symbols. 


The on-line Order of Precedence might be a good site for you to consult, as well.




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I am getting ready to make tabards for GW and want to put a falcon on
one side and the Calon Cross on the other.   I found the falcon images
to download, but where can I find one of the Calon Cross?




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